My Love Gurus Coaching

Channa Bromley

Channa Bromley, PhDc, is an international, award-winning Relationship Coach who has been featured as a  LOVE EXPERT on CTV Morning Live,  Breakfast TV, Women’s Health Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. With over 15 years of experience providing personalized coaching & matchmaking, she is a seasoned professional and boasts a high success rate and outstanding client satisfaction.   

Channa has helped thousands of men and women meet their relationship goals and guided them to success through today’s complex social climate…

Our Mission

Whether you are coupled up, new to the dating scene, or recently out of a long term relationship, MY LOVE GURUS are sought after leaders in the dating and relationship coaching realm. MLG’s team of dedicated professionals specialize in working with high achieving professionals to elevate their existing relationships, heal from divorce/breakup, or finding new love. The MLG team of experts has over 40 years of combined experience…and have your back! Our personalized services have been crafted specifically for each client with their unique and personal goals in mind. All programs are geared towards personal and Spiritual development and achieving each individual’s long term goals. 

Dynamic. Fun. Energetic. Inspirational. That’s what people expect from a speaker and that is what Channa Bromley delivers. She brings a unique & entertaining presentation.

One on one private sessions or group coaching sessions available. Flexible scheduling, online access, no need to travel to meet in person.

Our experts share tools and strategies for building knowledge, confidence, and supportive relationships for increase in emotional well-being. 

Success Stories

I met Channa at an Entrepreneurial retreat in AZ. I was very skeptical about dating. However, over the weekend, getting to know her, and feeling her warm, caring nature, I decided to give it a go. Ironically, the first woman she introduced me to ended up being the one. We continued coaching weekly for 3 months and she saved my relationship more times than I can count. My fear of getting hurt kept me looking for reasons why it wouldn't work. Channa and her coaching team helped me identify the real source of my fear, which had nothing to do with Amber at all, and heal it. I was able to accept Amber's love and commitment to me, and I have never been happier!! If you are considering Matchmaking, I highly encourage you to work with Channa. She is on the ball, efficient, and extremely supportive.

Eric, 54

Whister, BC

I was having a very difficult time healing after my divorce, I felt like a failure. The idea of finding love again seemed impossible. Channa came highly recommended through my Mastermind group and I began doing weekly coaching calls via her 6-month program. Best investment I ever made! She completely shifted my mindset. I was able to be grateful for the memories I made with my ex-wife, accept that our relationship had transitioned and that this didn't have to be an angry or negative experience, but instead a new container. I was able to extract the gems of wisdom from the experience, and learn so much about myself, my strengths, areas I could improve on, and what emotional needs I needed to be met in my next relationship.  My ex-wife and I have a strong co-parenting relationship and friendship now, and I am excited about my new chapter ahead.

Matthew, 42

Muskoka, ON