4 Tips For Finding Love This Holiday Season

single during holiday season

I know the holiday season can be a bit humbug for singles. Family events highlight your solo status and it doesn’t help that Aunt Myrtle always asks for an update of your love life when it is clear that it hasn’t changed.

The good news is that there is an upside to being single during the holiday season. There are so many events and community activities to get you into the season and shaking off the single blues.

Here are just a few ideas to help you find love during the holiday season:

Give a Little, Get a Little (More)
No matter where you live, there are bound to be charitable organizations nearby who would welcome a new volunteer with open arms. In addition to daily, weekly or monthly events and activities where they need manpower, many charities also host networking and fundraising events that bring all of their volunteers together. Who knows? You may run into someone with a big heart looking to win yours.

Do What You Enjoy Doing, Love Will Follow
Wintertime can open the door to new opportunities. Take snowboarding or surfing (depending what part of the world you are in) lessons. Go snowshoeing. Blow the dust off your camera and head for the waterfront. The key is to do what you enjoy doing and not get wrapped up in what you don’t have. Believe it or not, when you aren’t focused on your status, it has a way of changing on its own.

Give Your Smart Phone a Break
Can you guess how many eligible singles you pass every day in the grocery store, drugstore, or coffee shop who you don’t even notice because you’re checking your email? Be aware of your surroundings. Ask for help, ask for recommendations, chit chat in the checkout line. You never know who you might meet where you least expect it.Worse comes to worse, you walk away with a new friend.

Don’t Shy Away From Holiday Events
While they can be daunting, holiday events are actually great ways to connect with friends and make new connections. I guarantee that you will not be the only single in the room and that alone may be worth getting into the spirit of things.

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