Conscious & Spiritual Parenting

Parenting is defined as “the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.”- Wikipedia.  As spiritual beings living a human experience I feel supporting the child’s spiritual growth is vital, yet often neglected and suppressed.

Since the 1970’s parents and school teachers have noticed that children are more and more aware, sensitive and psychic.  This is sadly frequently misdiagnosed as ADHD and autism and these gifted children are put on prescription drugs to block their natural intuitive abilities. These highly sensitive children are referred to as indigo, crystal and rainbow children and were sent here because of our prayers for help and guidance. As a society, let’s learn to see these children as the beautiful messengers that they are and help them flourish. Let’s nourish their spirituality so that they may fulfill their soul’s purpose.

8 natural and spiritual parenting methods to help children live happier lives

1. Affirmations:  Affirmations are a sequence of words, recited in present tense throughout the day. They are messages to your sub-conscious mind that rewire your belief systems and allow you to live the life you truly desire and deserve to live.  Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer have some truly amazing children’s books that teach how to use affirmations. They show real life situations that children commonly deal with and affirmations to say during those times. For instance, if the other kids don’t want to play with your child at school, a fantastic affirmation is “I love myself and because of this, others love me too”.

2. Non-competition: Teach your children to manifest in replacement of competing. It’s all about co-operation with one another. There is plenty of amazing-ness for everyone. There is no need to hurry and no need to worry. There is enough to go around. Making a vision board with your child can be a fun exercise and introduction to manifesting. Talk to your child freely about their desires and help them imagine how it will feel to attain such desires. The power of manifesting truly comes from the feeling and not just the words or the images (although these are excellent means to trigger the feelings).

3. Nutrition: Studies have shown that children who are nourished with a nutritional diet full of minerals, nutrients, photochemical and enzymes have better marks in school and better behavioral tendencies. This can be as simple as taking a multivitamin in the morning. If your child doesn’t like to swallow pills, opt for it in powder form and put it into a delicious, high vibrational fruit and juice smoothie. Having a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which are high vibrational foods, is an amazing step towards supporting your children’s growth both physically and spiritually. The more high vibrational foods we eat, the more clarity we gain and it strengthens our connection to Source.

4. Meditation: Meditation helps us to escape our thoughts, and the ongoing hamster wheels of the mind, it helps us to understand who we really are, to be aware of how we feel and it teaches us to react intelligently to life’s experiences.  It is pivotal in developing self-awareness and a strong mind-body connection. Through this connection we are able to know what is needed to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits Meditation can be taught at a very young age. Start with teaching your child to sit without talking for 5 minutes, each year you can simply add on another minute of silence and stillness.

5. Love: A Course of Miracles teaches to see ourselves in others. All of us are made from the same divine essence that is love. We are all one. Teach your children at an early age to recognize love in one another and not to judge.

6. Feng Shui in the Bedroom:  Hyper-activity and insomnia are common among gifted children due to their sensitive nature.  Decorating their environment with creams, beige, and mauve will have a soothing effect. Also take notice of the images that are hung on the walls.Steer clear of amped up, high energy images.

7. Space Clearing: It’s not uncommon for indigo, crystal and rainbow children to see spirits, as they are very sensitive and intuitive beings and understandably this can be a very frightening occurrence to children and even adults. It’s a good practice to teach children to call upon Archangel Michael when they are feeling scared. Archangel Michael is a protective Archangel, he will take away lower energies and negativity. Teach your children to call upon him in a non-threatening way such as “Michael, please surround me with happy energy”.

8. Be Understanding: We must understand that these special children are very intuitive and may act in ways that are different than other children. They can easily see if someone has a closed heart and will innately repel from them. They may find themselves alone a lot as they do not resonate at the same frequency as others. Please don’t be embarrassed by this or try to force interaction onto your children. They require open hearts, support and understanding so that they may carry out their Soul purpose.

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. Be encouraging and make sure they receive the support they require to reach their full potential in making a positive global difference.