Coaching is an efficient investment in yourself. Through coaching, you receive the support you need to create a satisfying love life. Creating this reality begins with you.

Your coach will help you develop the strategy, skills, and follow-through needed to connect deeply with your current partner or potential suiters. Your coach will act as mentor, strategist, cheerleader and guide.

Coaching is action- and near-term-results oriented, so expect an interactive journey, honest feedback and a roadmap to help you achieve your relationship and dating goals! We will challenge you to say “no” to going through the motions of life and enthusiastically say “yes” to the opportunities that are available to you.

Channa and her team have over 40 years of combined experience in the relationship and coaching industry. We will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires. Our coaches take great care in the assessment phase and can tailor a program designed to address your specific needs.


Interested in learning more about yourself and what you’re looking for while being supported by a professional and experienced relationship coach? Coaching with our My Love Gurus Team is a wonderful opportunity to compliment your personal growth journey with the guidance and support of your own personal life & relationship coach!

My Love Gurus Coaching Benefits:

  • One on one private sessions with one of our relationships coaches
  • Group sessions facilitated by Channa
  • A safe, judgement free space
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Online access, no need to travel for sessions
  • Opportunity to improve your dating and relationship experience
  • Further your progress and success with optimism and confidence
  • Support to work out what your goals are, and achieve them
  • Insights into your dating and relationship patterns
  • Training to attain the vibrant relationship you desire
  • Access to resources

Our coaches are ready to help you work out the best solutions for YOU!

Interested in Learning More

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