Group Coaching

What is Group Coaching?.

Group coaching has been trending and growing with popularity over the past few years. Group coaching provides an intimate and safe setting for high caliber coaching to exist between 3 and 15 other participants. The conversation is focused on a topic and aids in addressing key issues, goal setting, deepening awareness around emotions and accountability. Group coaching has moved into the virtual space allowing participants globally to attend the same group and share their experiences, challenges, and successes.

Many participants enjoy not only having the support of sharing their own story but also find comfort in understanding other’s experiences. Connections are formed between clients who are time zones and countries apart.

The benefits of group coaching:

Group coaching clients benefit from the peer-learning, the ability to brainstorm with other, and the support of being surrounded by people who have things in common- this is very motivational for clients. Group sessions are very versatile and accessible virtually for clients across the globe. Group sessions are often more affordable then 1-on-1 higher end sessions.
Research indicates the brain is even more receptive to group coaching. When we listen to someone else get coached, our own ego, inner critic, resistance and limiting beliefs are not in the way, and therefore we are able to accept and retain more of the insights shared.

The group sessions are centered around sharing the same struggles. Tools, advice, and techniques are shared by coach and clients alike, helping all along the road to improvement. The collective goals of the group will be the same- but individually the actions plan will differ. ‘Bringing it to the group’ is a term used to utilise resources- in the case of group coaching- the resource is other people’s experiences. Group coaching is an on-gong conversation that supports change over time.

What group coaching looks like:

Some attendees have their cam on, this is not mandatory. A working mic is necessary to join in the conversation. The lead coach will not share any of your story discussed in private sessions, you are however welcome to share what you are comfortable with. Each person has an opportunity to share and there will a group discussion following. The lead coach ensures a non-judgemental, no pressure, safe space.


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