Holidating! Thanksgiving Tips!

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If you’re in the early throes of dating, it can easily feel like you are walking through a minefield of difficult choices with the added pressures of family dinners or friends get-togethers over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

So, what is the right holiday protocol? Should you invite the new special person in your life home for Thanksgiving dinner with your family? Or will your date get the wrong idea and assume things are too serious? Or, if you don’t, will they get offended and think you don’t care?

“It really comes down to how long you’ve been dating the person,” says Channa Bromley, Managing Director/CEO of My Love Gurus. ” You can be pushed into happy coupledom way too soon or be accused of neglecting your new potential partner in favor of friends and family. Communicating your thoughts and feelings will help set the foundation on which to build something wonderful.”

What is a Canadian single to do? Here are a few tips to help you navigate your way, peacefully, through the dating dilemmas of the holiday season.

If Dating Less Than Three Months:
Spend the holidays with your family and call him or her from home. It’s really too early to expect that you will spend these family-oriented holidays together. If you’re in the same town, you can always invite them over for post-dinner dessert or meet for coffee at a later time.

If Dating Three to Six Months:
At this stage, it is appropriate to bring your partner to a friend’s house for dinner, but it may still be a bit early for the family – particularly if they live out of the province. If you live in the same town or area, feel it out. Talk with you partner and both decide what would be a good move at this juncture.

If Dating Over Six Months:
If your new honey hasn’t met the family, now is the perfect time for the introduction. It can be be nerve-wrecking, so be prepared not to have seconds of your mom’s famous stuffing. If you get invited to a family event, be on your best behavior and dress on the conservative side. Win bonus points for offering to do the dishes. Also, this is a great way to see how your date interacts with her family. This is a sneak peek at their real person — so take notes!

In short, express your gratitude to the new person in your life and communicate your wishes with them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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