Holidating Tips: Dating Lessons Learned from Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Holidating Panics New Year's Single

Did you know that the weekend before the Christmas holiday is the busiest holidays shopping days — more so than Boxing Day or the American Black Friday?

`Tis the season for scanning websites, hurrying through the mall on our lunch break and submitting panic orders to Amazon.ca to ensure that we have something to give to loved ones on Christmas Day. Instead of holding out for the ideal gift, we start making tiny concessions such as perhaps a different color, slightly smaller or even something completely unrelated and no where close to what we initially set out to purchase.

What starts off as the ideal gift soon becomes “it’ll do” or “close enough” as the Big Day approaches, slow and steady as it does all year. The panic we feel is soothed slightly as you leave the store, gift in hand, or it is delivered via overnight shipping to your front door. However, you can’t shake the feeling that maybe this isn’t the one or that there was something better out there.

Sound familiar? Going into the winter months, it is natural for our internal clocks to seek comforts in the home and in the heart. It is normal to seek a mate to cuddle with during the cooler months, and especially during the holidays with New Year’s Eve looming on the horizon. But before you panic, there are a few things you could learn from holiday shopping to soothe holidating panics:

1) What are your deal breakers?
Your sister loves pink and there is no way she would settle for a turquoise phone cover. So, what are your deal breakers? Is it having children? Religion? Locations? Figuring our your “must haves” will keep you from the “they’ll do” post holiday syndrome.

2) What are you flexible on?
Okay, so it is a 9-inch screen versus 10-inch tablet. It’s a difference that may not be huge and something you will be just as happy with in the long run. So, what are your dating ideals? Do they really have to be over five-foot-eight? Can your date have blue instead of brown eyes? Think about what you are willing to give up if the right person walks into your life.

3) Things online may not reflect the true product as it is in real life
The sage green microfiber, super-soft no-wrinkle sheets you bought to match your mother’s duvet cover looks more like evergreen and is a bit scratchy once it shows up on your doorstep. As you well know, online dating has its challenges. The key here is to meet face-to-face as soon as possible. This will limit disappointments and establish a path going forward (taking a step towards dating or perhaps just accepting that it was a delightful cup of coffee).

4) Simple is usually better
Remember dropping a chunk of change on a gift for your niece only to spend Christmas Day watching her bury herself in the wrapping paper. Or think about past Christmas’, do you remember the gifts or the moment spent with loved ones? Sometimes dating is a bit simpler than the wrapping it put on it. Sure, it is a vulnerable thing as you put yourself out there, again and again. But when it comes down to it — dating is nothing more than getting to know someone better. It can be as easy as getting out of your house and immersing yourself in the events of the holidays, like free ice skating at the local hockey rink or holiday craft fairs. Getting out of the house increases your odds of meeting someone 10 fold.

Happy Dating!