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It’s fundamental to teach children from an early age that they can do and be anything- that they are magical and can create a magical life. But as adults, we often forget these principles…

Channa is well known as a Relationship Expert and Holistic Health Practitioner but considers herself more of an “Illumination Artist”.

She lights the path for men and women to take control of their bodies, minds, and spirits, and to create balance and harmony in all aspects of their lives. Self-love is not just the foundation of a vibrant, and healthy relationship, it is the gateway to creating a life of magic, wonder, and light.

Channa has illuminated the way for many to find their Source and guide them into lives they truly love.

Channa is driven to empower all who are ready to remember the magic by planting the seeds that blossom into an understanding of the etheric body, interconnectedness, and multi-dimensions.

Are you longing for more light, fun & magic in your life? Have you lost your zest for life? If life doesn’t excite you anymore and it’s lost its sparkle, then come journey with me!

As a metaphysical author, Channa will transport the reader to the deeper dimensions of the soul with an intent to illuminate the spirit.

Her books are healing sessions themselves which will nourish the soul and transcend the reader into the highest state of consciousness. Channa’s intent with each chapter is to bless all those who read it with content that is for the highest good of the soul’s development full of unconditional love and limitless possibility.


Isadora loves to dance, and her one dream is to be a world-famous ballerina. Along her journey in the enchanted land of Utopia – where she hopes to get her wish granted by Princess Divinia – Isadora meets many majestic and thought-provoking characters. Add in some adventures with her new friends, including the ‘monster’ Boggle, plus a run-in with the black panther villain, Ego, and Isadora’s journey to Utopia becomes more fascinating than she ever would have imagined. Will Isadora meet Princess Divinia? Will she get her wish? And how will her magnificent journey change the way she lives her life? A fun and engaging read, Isadora’s Journey promotes viewing the world with love over fear, teaching important lessons that will be remembered long after the last page has been turned.



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