New Year, New You: Expand Your Romantic Possibilities

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A circle is just that — a circle. It’s easy to fall into dating ruts and rely on “tried but not necessarily true blue” tactics within our own inner circles. You find yourself surrounded by the same peeps often engaging in the same activities.

While getting fixed up by friends and co-workers is a traditional approach to finding “The One,” stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying some new dating avenues can increase your chances, and confidence, ten-fold.

In The Artist Way, creativity coach Julia Cameron states that she often sees synchronicity in the lives of her clients. When they develop a strong commitment to bringing their dreams to life, events around them start to fall into alignment with that vision. Little coincidences take place and push them towards their true path.

This can happen in your love life, too. It has a lot to do with your “intention.” The moment you become open and accessible to meeting new people, potential dates start falling out of the woodwork. Your circle expands and takes on a new depth.

Every time you get out of the house and meet someone new, your opportunities to find your match increase. Go on. Start today. Join a club, volunteer for a charity or simply attend one social event per week.

Expand your romantic possibilities simply by getting out there.